Tuesday, June 4, 2013

High daily peak methane readings continue over Antarctica

Above chart shows that, over the past two months, high daily peak methane readings have been recorded over Antarctica. For comparison, the image below, by Dr. Leonid Yurganov, shows the methane levels averaged for April 2013, as registered by the NASA AIRS satellite. This may also help locate the source of these high levels of methane.
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  1. What's happening is big that's for sure and likely beyond stopping directly at least as it took time to initiate it. But we have to stop methane levels from rising and go for the source of Earth's shift.
    Economics and reality aside on fossil fuel use of carbon- Physically what's happening is it looks like weak ice is forming a breakup of miles thick ice integrity or strength of materials and there is a growing framework of fissure expansion. Carbon Dioxide, the breakdown product of methane is oxidizing agent for crack expansion. Similar to rust of metal as described in an article in Smithsonian. So to make a guess I'd say it it isn't just the lower stretches of Sea that are taking up heat increasingly but the mantel of Earth crust; And heat is rising from below. Working on both volcanic decomposition of carbonate rock and on the clathrate ice, and its stability zone of methane ice held in sediment. Taking all in view, heat is rising upward and methane is escaping to cast heat downward from growing temp inversion in top of Stratosphere. A region that needs laser radar stat. Earth science- I'm blind to the happenings on order of a nervous wreck. However if I were to get a master it would be in being able to change subject and diversion of focus needs to be made so the guys in Syria, Libya, Turkey, Burma, US and Europe and Asia along with the shadow banks get the message this is a time of trial like no other and a chance being given still today that acting gravely influenced by bravery and with courage and to give full attention to saving E means a avoidance of eternal regret and loss of hope. Full force of human endeavor needs to be focused on trying to keep Earth alive in real time. Tofu today -for you meat eaters...

  2. Highest methane levels appear to correspond to highest levels of elevation of East Antarctic ice.
    The shape of the dome of high elevation on whole..