A number of blogs have been edited for years by Sam Carana, including:
Arctic-news blog
methane-hydrates blog
Arctic methane blog
geo-engineering blog
Climate Plan blog

These blogs describe the threat of methane eruptions from the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean and ways to reduce the risks. Posts generally contain content provided by contributors or are based on news releases of relevant scientific studies and data from sources such as NOAA and NASA, often illustrated by 'creative commons' images (such as from Wikipedia) and by images custom-made by Sam Carana.

A number of contributors have kindly provided content, including:
Peter Wadhams
John Nissen
Stephen Salter
Sam Carana
Paul Beckwith
Peter Carter
Malcolm Light
Douglas Spence
Gary Houser
Leonid Yurganov
Harold Hensel
Nathan Currier
Veli Albert Kallio
Andrew Glikson
Bru Pearce
Dorsi Diaz
Aaron Franklin
Nick Breeze
Andy Lee Robinson
David Spratt
John Davies
Omar Cabrera
Guy McPherson

Names of contributors are typically added at the top of posts, sometimes accompanied by descriptions with further background on contributors. Care has been taken to add links to the most relevant sources, where applicable. Posts are written by Sam Carana where no name of a specific contributor is added.

If you like to be added as contributor, please post a comment with details. To discuss matters with Sam Carana, post a message at samcarana.blogspot.com or at http://facebook.com/SamCarana

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